Why choose the Faculty Of Building Services?

9 September 2019

Because installations give life to buildings!

The functional value of a building, which means the comfort and the safe utilization, as well as the operating costs classifies a building from a quality stand point. A building has an use if all of it’s installations work properly, and in order to do that, all of development stages come into play: concept/project, accomplishment/installment and use/maintenance.

The investment value of modern utilities of a building is big and ever-growing(40%-70% of a buildings costs), and the functioning/utility costs of buildings are almost exclusively caused by it’s installations.

Being a building services engineer is a beautiful, highly sought after and modern profession, offering great satisfaction. The demand for such engineers is constantly rising due to it’s complexity, rendering it to a key component in today’s world.

What can you do with a building services engineering degree?

Being a diploma obtained through a state university, it’s recognized anywhere in the country and on an international level.

You’ll be the graduate of a prestigious faculty!

Superior building services learning took form in 1949 as part of The Construction Institute Of Bucharest, which then became the Technical Construction University of Bucharest.

This year we celebrate 70 years of superior technical learning, years in which hundreds of engineers were prepared to face every problem.

To add to the list of our faculty’s most recent successes, students Mihai Băiceanu and Ene Alexandra became esteemed holders of the Excellence Award for UTCB students, both having ,as well, remarkable results in extracurricular activities.

The Excellence Award has been given to the students from the #EFdeN , which at the international competition #SolarDecathlonMiddleEast have obtained multiple awards for #Romania.

Alexandra and Mihai tell us in a few words why did they chose the faculty of building services: